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Dental anxiety is never fun. Not only does it create unnecessary stress in your life, it also prevents you from receiving the oral care you need to be healthy. If you suffer from dental anxiety in Mesquite, Texas, our team encourages you to consider nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide was discovered in 1793 by English scientist and clergyman Joseph Priestley, the first known person to isolate and prepare important gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ammonia. Following Priestley’s discovery, Humphry Davey of the Pneumatic Institute in Bristol, England, coined the term “laughing gas” in reference to the euphoric sensation it caused. For many years, nitrous oxide was used only for recreational purposes.

In the early 1840s, a dentist in Connecticut, Dr. Horace Wells, discovered that people who received minor injuries while under the influence of nitrous oxide didn’t notice the pain until the effects of the gas wore off. Dr. Wells began administering nitrous oxide to his patients during sensitive procedures such as tooth extractions.

Nowadays, nitrous oxide is used as a form of sedation dentistry. At Texas Teeth, our skilled dentist fits a small over your nose that will begin the flow of nitrous oxide and oxygen. The fast-acting sedative will make you feel calm and comfortable during your procedure, and the effects wear off quickly once the mask is removed, allowing you to drive home after your appointment.

Before you decide to forego an important dental checkup or treatment, contact Texas Teeth at 972- 270-5113 and ask about nitrous oxide. Dr. Scharla Collins will happily sit down with you and address your concerns.