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Chipping a tooth isn’t ever a pleasant experience, and neither is the thought that you may have to live with that chipped tooth in your smile. However, that’s not the truth. Dr. Scharla Collins offers myriad cosmetic dentistry procedures to help fix your chipped teeth, giving you the incredible smile you used to have.

Dental bonding

Bonding is one of the most affordable and popular cosmetic dentistry options. It’s a simple process that utilizes a pliable resin applied to your teeth. Dr. Scharla Collins adjusts the resin until it fills in the crack in your tooth and matches your other teeth, then hardens it with a UV light.


Dental veneers are another popular option. They’re wafer-thin shells that fit over the top of your teeth. They’re great for covering up small chips, in addition to whitening your smile instantly. Veneers take a bit more time than bonding, as they have to be custom-made to fit your teeth, but are still a great option.


If you have some larger chips or cracks, you may need a crown to fix them. A crown covers your entire tooth after its been ground down to remove the cracked areas. The crown fits over the tooth to restore the cracked one’s function, feel, and appearance.

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