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You may be aware that there are several issues that could cause yellowed teeth, such as poor oral care and being exposed to too much fluoride. You may also be aware that there are some options you can consider, like teeth whitening. However, what would you do if one of your pearly whites turns black?

Usually, teeth turn black when the pulp, which is in the center of your tooth, suffers an injury and is stained by blood. To make matters worse, your traumatized tooth might become darker. This darkening may actually last for a number of months. If your teeth are becoming black, you might need root canal therapy to clean your pulp thoroughly.

Often, you could experience this issue because your smile experiences trauma. However, while a little one’s tooth may turn black after a fall, the color of their tooth might darken. Fortunately, the tooth should actually revert back to its original color after a few days. Intrinsic staining might also be caused because of overexposure to fluoride or because of certain antibiotics.

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