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If our teeth were pearly white knights, our tooth enamel would be their shining armor. The enamel is amazing because it is fully composed of compacted crystals that protect your teeth from invading bacteria and debris. To strengthen the enamel even more, scientists have utilized a chemical called fluoride which protects any chinks in the enamels armor.

Enamel is hard to break through, but it has a weakness — demineralization. When bacteria feed on the sugars in your mouth, they produce acids that break down the crystal armor of the enamel and dissolve it. But your enamel will not fully deteriorate because of a saving process called remineralization. Remineralization is when the enamel crystals strengthen, and that is where fluoride comes in.

Fluoride rapidly speeds up remineralization and also puts an extra coating on the teeth to make them more impenetrable. Fluoride is found in your water and many foods, as well as most toothpaste. It is important to make sure that your teeth are getting enough fluoride to fully protect them.

At Texas Teeth, our skilled dentist, Dr. Scharla Collins can apply dense amounts of fluoride to your teeth. With this process, she almost fully remineralizes the teeth. If you feel like your enamel is breaking down, or the layers of the enamel are being exposed, then you can make an appointment with our practice in Mesquite, Texas, by calling 972- 270-5113.