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Your oral hygiene plays a significant role in your oral health care. If for any reason you are neglecting your toothbrush or your tooth brushing roles, a downturn in your oral health can occur. To combat this, be aware of various tooth brushing techniques that can be used to enhance your smile.

Toothbrush techniques are essential for optimum oral hygiene. The key to brushing correctly is brushing efficiently. Make sure you brush at least two minutes twice daily. Brushing your teeth with slow, soft strokes can gently remove debris and particles that may have built up in your mouth. Furthermore, make sure you are brushing on all sides of each tooth, so you do not miss any areas. If you struggle with brushing your teeth in the front of your mouth, try turning your brush vertically.

It’s important to remember that your tongue also needs to be cleaned, so brush off your tongue and lightly brush your gums along with it. For additional help with improving your oral health, use dental floss to clean between teeth and visit your dentist for a professional cleaning every 6 months.

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