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If you have suffered enamel erosion in the past, it means harmful acids have breached your tooth enamel to the point that a cavity has formed. Once a cavity has formed, it can leave the inner workings of a tooth vulnerable to bacteria, which can enter the tooth and cause permanent damage. Thus, it is important to fix all cavities with a dental filling. One highly effective option to consider is a cosmetic dental filling.

Focusing on cavities is essential for keeping your smile safe. Cavities can arise at any moment and are often the cause of dental erosion. If you have suffered from a cavity, your dentist will be able to help you with a dental filling. Cosmetic dental fillings are an extremely good choice because they can be crafted to match the natural flow of your smile. Composite fillings are often referred to as tooth-colored fillings because of the color similarity to your natural smile. Composite fillings are also extremely effective for very small cavities and can rebuild or replace them many times over without ever having to remove the original. They’re also extremely durable and can last up to a decade. In situations where you have to decide between an amalgam or a composite dental filling, it is important to remember a composite is more preventative to tooth fracture, does not contain mercury, and is a better sealant of the margins to prevent leakage.

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