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If you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits or your frequently fail to attend regularly scheduled dental checkups you are at increased risk of suffering from problems with tooth decay and gum disease. As hardened tartar starts to build up near the gumline your gums can suffer from the periodontal inflammation of gingivitis.

If this early form of gum disease goes untreated by a dentist like Dr. Scharla Collins is can gradually worsen into periodontitis. As it progresses this severe form of gum disease can slowly cause your gums to pull back from your teeth.

As your gumline continues to recede small pockets of infection might buildup near the roots of your teeth. In time this can lead to multiple cases of tooth loss.

Patients suffering from this level of gum disease might need Dr. Scharla Collins to perform gingival flap gum surgery. It can often be performed on an outpatient basis and often requires full sedation. You will need to arrange a ride home from a friend or family member while the sedative effect gradually fades.

During the procedure, Dr. Scharla Collins will make a careful series of small incisions in the affected gum tissues to gain direct access to the bacterial deposits. At this point she remove any infected material before adapting some your healthy gum tissues over the base of your teeth.

Aftercare measures might involve the use of prescription for antibiotics, as well as pain or an anti-inflammatory medication. Taking them as directed should help knock out any lingering infection concerns while also maintaining your comfort throughout the recovery process.

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