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If you have issues with your mouth functioning improperly due to a missing tooth, the missing tooth will need to be replaced. Whether you only have a single missing tooth or an entire row of teeth that need to be replaced, speak with our oral health care providers to ensure you received the treatments you need. For missing teeth, consider any one of the following tooth prosthetic options:

Dentures: Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth with highly reliable prosthetics that can be removed on a nightly basis for easy cleaning and treatments.

Dental implants: If you’re looking for a tooth restoration to improve the look of your smile and replace any missing teeth, seek out dental implant prosthetics. A dental implant is inserted into your jawbone. Dental implants come with a heightened sense of durability to ensure that no food restrictions will be necessary.

Dental bridges: Dental bridges are tooth prosthetic options that are anchored onto nearby healthy teeth or implants. Through the use of a dental bridge, your smile can be restored, and your mouth can function properly once again.

The time is now to restore your smile with tooth replacements from Dr. Scharla Collins and our team at our dental office in Mesquite, Texas. Texas Teeth wants your smile to be complete once more, so call us at 972- 270-5113 to book an appointment.