Springtime Smile Bliss: Cold and Flu Season Treatments

Are you aware of the effects cold and flu season can have on your oral health? Several illnesses can not only increase your risk of other oral health risks, but they can also cause you to alter your cleaning routines, which can include a breakup of your oral health care daily habits. However, even if… Read more »

Super Smiles: Dental Crowns

Are you aware of all the benefits that come with dental crowns? Dental crowns are highly effective cosmetic dentistry treatment is known for not only providing a better aesthetic of a tooth but also to provide enhanced protection and a degree of support. Because of the support that dental crowns provide, they can be used… Read more »

A Gingival Flap Procedure Might Treat Chronic Periodontitis

If you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits or your frequently fail to attend regularly scheduled dental checkups you are at increased risk of suffering from problems with tooth decay and gum disease. As hardened tartar starts to build up near the gumline your gums can suffer from the periodontal inflammation of gingivitis. If… Read more »

Super Smile Treatments: Teeth Whitening Treatments

It is well-documented that a beautiful smile can do wonders for your oral health. 96% of people believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to the opposite gender. Furthermore, an attractive smile can not only improve your social settings, but a person’s oral hygiene levels can often have an impact on their chance… Read more »

How to Help Your Toothache

Are you wondering how to ease your uncomfortable toothache? If so, you have come to the right place! Toothaches can happen at any moment, leaving you with a long and unpleasant day of throbbing. That is why our dentist, Dr. Collins here at Texas Teeth in Mesquite, Texas, is happy to help you ease your… Read more »

Smile Therapy: Composite Fillings

If you have suffered enamel erosion in the past, it means harmful acids have breached your tooth enamel to the point that a cavity has formed. Once a cavity has formed, it can leave the inner workings of a tooth vulnerable to bacteria, which can enter the tooth and cause permanent damage. Thus, it is… Read more »

Tips for Having a Good Oral Health as a Senior

If you want a good oral health as a senior, then there are things you need to do regularly to keep your teeth, gums, and smile in tip-top shape. These things aren’t as tough as they might sound and they can help you in a myriad of ways. Our dentist, Dr. , is happy to… Read more »

Why a Healthy Body Matters to Your Physical Wellbeing

One of the many reasons your oral health is important is because it affects your general health, not just your teeth. Beyond influencing the appearance of your smile, dental health also helps many organs function more effectively. We invite you to review the following ways that excellent dental health can improve your physical wellbeing: –… Read more »

In a Dental Emergency, Act Quickly

Despite our best efforts, dental emergencies can and do occur. It is very important that you know what your first steps should be if these situations arise. Becoming familiar with dental emergency procedures can make the difference between saving and losing a tooth. In all cases, we urge you to call our dentist in ,… Read more »

Alleviating Dental Fears

It may come as a surprise to learn that many people feel nervous or stressed leading up to or during a dental appointment. There are even some who’s anxiety goes so far as to be described as a phobia. Their fear of the dentist will lead them to do whatever they can to avoid visiting… Read more »